Typically, a normal rebuild job of a pinball includes:

  • replacement of all bulbs in the game with new ones
  • replacement of all rubbers in the game
  • complete teardown and cleaning of the game
  • repairs to any circuit boards, switches, displays, etc, that may be broken.
  • any custom mods or LED’s that you may want added

The rate I charge depends on a) condition of the game (i.e. how dirty and degree that it’s working), b) brand of the game (i.e. some games are easier to work on than others), and c) how complicated a game it is.  Obviously a game like Twilight Zone is a lot more complicated to fix and clean than a game like Star Wars usually.

Sample list of games I’ve rebuilt/cleaned:

Fathom (in progress, complete playfield swap, cabinet repaint, new plastics, new backglass, etc)

Star Trek:The Next Generation (2 of them)

Tommy (2 of them)

Jurassic Park

Batman Forever

Simpson’s Pinball Party

No Good Gofers


Star Wars

Demolition Man


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