Over the past few years, I’ve repaired quite a few games for people.  Here is a sample list of the games and problems I’ve fixed:

Black Pyramid–had stuck switch (bad capacitor on switch) and moving target would intermittently stop moving (bad relay)

Star Wars–wouldn’t boot at all (replaced bridge rectifier and capacitor on power supply, replaced pia chip on cpu board), death star wouldn’t rotate (bad motor replaced), ball would fall into cabinet on some shots (replaced upkicker), flippers were really weak (rebuilt flippers), really dirty (tore it down and cleaned everything, redid in LED’s), general illumination was out (replaced power supply connector, fixed wiring hack on ppb board harness)

Demolition Man–upper flipper was fluttering (bad coil replaced), bottom flippers were weak (rebuilt), upper divertor was broke (replaced spring), really dirty (tore it down and cleaned, replaced every light bulb), had constant multiball (replace flaky opto in the trough)

World Cup Soccer–game would randomly start modes on startup (bad opto in hole), left flipper was fluttering (no diodes on coil).

Lost World–game was completely dead (cpu had battery acid damage, removed battery and repaired the damaged area), sound was terrible (replaced capacitors on the sound board)

Black Hole–game was completely dead (bad power supply, cpu had battery acid damage on every connector so I had to rebuild every connector on the cpu board), pop bumpers didn’t work (repaired boards)

Batman Forever–game was booting but not playable (upper flipper broke, rebuilt it), flash lamps not working (replaced bridge rectifier), general illumination was dead (replaced connector), lower flippers were weak (rebuilt flippers), batwing wouldn’t rotate (took apart and fixed problem), game was really dirty (tore apart and cleaned).

NBA Fastbreak–game played ok but had several issues.  #1, the backbox flipper didn’t work (flipper was on the wrong connector on the board), #2 one column in the lamp matrix was always on (replaced column transistor), side rails we really bent up (replace rails), lockdown bar had been painted (stripped it and buffed it out).

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