If you’ve reached this page, it’s because you’re ready to finally sell a pinball machine you own, or you would like to know how much it’s worth before you sell it.  I can give you a good ballpark on the value of the game over the phone or email.  I’m currently looking to buy pinball machines in Kansas City and the surrounding area.  If you have one collecting dust in your basement or home that you’d like to get rid of, call me at 913-424-4431 or email me at at93850@yahoo.com.  My goal is to:

  1. help you find a good home for your pinball machine
  2. get you some cash for that machine for bills or to buy something more desirable
  3. go through and clean/restore the game
  4. hopefully add the game to my personal collection

I’m not a dealer, just a guy who likes fix and collect pinball machines in his spare time.  If you have any questions about the value of your machine (even if you’re not selling it and just want to know), I can help with that as well, free of charge.

Below is an example of a non-working game I bought from a home owner.  You can see that I’ve partially cleaned the cabinet (see how white it is in one part, and so off-white in the other) at the point I took this picture and gotten some of the electronics working again.  This is just an example of what I’m looking for, usually games that have been sitting for 20+ years unplayed and need some TLC.  It’s similar to old classic car market, where you have guys that have guys rusting away in the weeds, cars wasting away in storage, and guys restoring those back to their glory.  I’m just trying to rescue some of those games and give them new life, whether for me or friends who are looking for their first game for their kids.

KISS pinball machine partially cleaned
KISS pinball machine partially cleaned
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