Looking for project pinball machines in KC area

If you’ve got an old pinball machine in your basement that you’re looking to sell, let me know and maybe we can come to a deal. I have a stair climbing dolly that I can use to get the games out of your basement without causing you a major hassle.

What kind of games am I looking for? Mainly the kind that have the digital scoring and displays. Basically, if it has the reels that spin in the back for scoring, I’m probably not interested as the cost/time to repair those games exceed their actual value. The digital games have some value so if it takes me 15 to 20 hours to fix and clean the game at least it might be worth it. Similar to old classic cars, spending a bunch of time repairing a Ford Pinto wouldn’t be worthwhile but an old Mustang would.

If you give me a call at 913-424-4431 or email me at at93850@yahoo.com hopefully we can work something out.

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